Times Square Program Book, Japan, June 1981, pages 8-11 (post 2 of 5)


Here are the next four pages from the Japanese souvenir program for Time Square. These pages apparently have everything you need to know about the producer, director, and stars. Again, if anyone wants to contribute a translation, or donate to a fund for hiring a professional translator, you will have my thanks and the thanks of a grateful nation.

Three of the four pictures on page 8 are more cases of actual frames from the film being used as publicity stills: the shots of the Sleez Girls, Pammy in the phone booth, and Nicky blacking out Pammy’s eyes on the bus poster. Nicky looking directly at us is part of the shot of her in front of the mirror, which previously appeared in Australian Women’s Weekly Vol. 48 No. 5.

Page 9 is two shots that aren’t frames from the movie, and that were distributed for publication as 35mm slides, Pammy and Nicky. The “I ♥ NY” button… well… okay…

Page 10 features some old AFD publicity stills, finally! Trini is cropped from TS-61-14/10, and Robin is TS-57-26/1, the shot used for the album cover and North American poster. Tim Curry’s photo was previously published in color as a UK lobby card and in Movie 81 No 2.

Page 11 is TS-82-30[/4], also used in the AFD campaign pressbook, on the UK soundtrack sampler, and as the basis for a line drawing in a soundtrack ad published in Record Mirror, January 24 1981.

I am not a student of theology. Was Jesus a dropout?

The above-mentioned frames from the movie:

Sleez Girls; Frame from TIMES SQUARE (1980)
Pammy calls her father; frame from TIMES SQUARE (1980)
Nicky blacks out Pammy's eyes; Frame from TIMES SQUARE (1980)

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Movie 81 No. 2, February 1981
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Record Mirror, January 24, 1981



Times Square program book, pp. 8-11
Japan : souvenir program : AAT ID: 300253341 : 29.4 x 20.5 cm. : 1981 (work);

Press Book Japan 1981_8_1080px.jpg
Press Book Japan 1981_9_1080px.jpg
Press Book Japan 1981_10_1080px.jpg
Press Book Japan 1981_11_1080px.jpg
96 dpi (images)

©1980 Butterfly Valley N. V.
608 x 1080px, 96dpi (contrast-sdjusted frame captures from Times Square (1980))
Times Square©1980 StudioCanal/Canal+


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