1. Nicky Marotta (ROBIN JOHNSON) is arrested. A scene from "TIMES SQUARE" distributed by COLUMBIA/EMI/WARNER Film Distributors. 1. Nicky Marotta (ROBIN JOHNSON) is arrested. A scene from "TIMES SQUARE" distributed by COLUMBIA/EMI/WARNER Film Distributors. (Number is given as "1" in caption on reverse; there is already a "1" in the series; the number also appears possibly to be a "7" which also is already present in the series.)

U.K. Publicity Still #… uh…


The black and white 8 x 10 stills released in England tend to have a lot of things in common, but the attributes are not absolute… Most of them, but not all, are full-bleed, with no borders. Many of them, but not all, have a caption pasted to their backs.

A face of the 80’s


Most of the Times Square posters have some identifying information on them — a copyright notice, the film’s local distributor, a code number — but not this one, so we have to go on what’s on it. The logo and the artwork are from the UK movie poster, which was

Times Square UK Lobby Cards, 1st Set (post 1 of 4)


I first encountered lobby cards from this series several years ago in the collection of DefeatedandGifted, and I assumed they were Australian, partly because that’s where she was, and because they used the American form of the logo which was used on the Australian movie poster while listing EMI as

More stills from the UK series


  I nearly passed over this lot of five black and white stills, except it had one photo I’d never seen. Rather than try to haggle for just the one photo, I bought the lot, and I’m glad I did, because they’re all from the UK series, three of them

Times Square UK Pressbook, 1980-81, pages 6-7


This is the center spread of the glossy UK pressbook for Times Square. Of the seven images circling the European logo, four are cropped from photos used on UK lobby cards (clockwise from top left, that would be One, Two, Five, and Seven). Of the three remaining: Four is a

Times Square UK Pressbook, 1980-81, pages 8-12


    The second half of the US pressbook was entirely made up of variations of the movie poster for different sized newspaper ads. The UK version relegates the available promotional materials to the last three pages, and devotes pages 8, 9, and 10 to reprinting biographical articles from the

Times Square UK Pressbook, 1980-81, pages 1-5


I’d given up all hope of ever finding one of these when, bam, two of them turn up. It’s the EMI version of the pressbook issued in the USA by AFD. It’s shorter in page count, but larger in size, and printed in color on heavier, glossier paper. It doesn’t

UK Promo Photos 4, 13, and 21, 1980-81


Typically, shortly before my last post was published (but weeks after I’d initially written it), five more stills from the UK series turned up. Two were duplicates of numbers 20 and 29, but the others were new to me. They follow the series’ general conventions of being black and white

Times Square Program Book, Japan, June 1981 (post 1 of 5)


This was almost certainly aimed at theatergoers and not the press, but I can’t be 100% certain, since as I’ve noted before, Google Translate makes a total hash of Japanese, and I don’t have the funds to have it professionally translated. (If anyone wants to help on that score, by