“Toda la Basca!” … a Times SquareTimes Square movie poster, Spain


TIMES SQUARE movie poster, Spain, 1981.  Text:  "TODA LA BASCA!"  ... A  TIMES SQUARE TIMES  SQUARE ROBERT STIGWOOD Presents "TIMES SQUARE" Starring TIM CURRY·TRINI ALVARADO  And Introducing ROBIN JOHNSON  Also Starring PETER COFFIELD·HERBERT BERGHOF·DAVID MARGULIES·ANNA MARIA HORSFORD Executive Producers KEVIN McCORMICK·JOHN NICOLELLA  Directed by ALAN MOYLE  Produced by ROBERT STIGWOOD and JACOB BRACKMAN  Screenplay by JACOB BRACKMAN Story by ALAN MOYLE and LEANNE UNGER  Associate Producer BILL OAKES  An EMI-ITC Production  Soundtrack available on RSO Records and TAPES  RSO Distributed by EMI Films Limited.  EMI  A Member of the THORN EMI Group.  ["THE WHOLE GANG!" ... TO TIMES SQUARE]




The IMDb says Times Square opened in Spain on April 30, 1981. (In Barcelona, anyway… apparently Madrid had to wait until the following January 28.) The poster accompanying this release is identical to the UK one-sheet, except that the artist’s signature and the printer’s information have been removed, and the tagline “Go Sleaze! in Times Square” has been replaced by a Spanish equivalent. Near as I can tell, it translates to Nicky ordering “‘The whole gang!’ … to Times Square”. It’s confusing because “basca” seems to mean both “gang of friends” and “nausea.” I’m happy for someone, anyone, to improve my attempt at translation.



“Toda la basca!” … a Times Square
Spain : poster : AAT ID: 300027221 : 99.25 x 67.5 cm. : 1981 (work);
1080 x 737 px, 96 dpi, 414 kb (image)


Times Square ©1980 StudioCanal/Canal+


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