Times Square newspaper movie ad negatives, 1980


Exactly what it says on the label – four pieces of black-and-white film apparently used to print newspaper ads with, dating from October 1980 or shortly before.

The seller of these items thought they were for printing posters, but the images are of such low quality, and black-and-white, that even though they don’t quite match up to any of the ads offered in the American campaign pressbook, they’re obviously made for newspaper use. They look pretty good here, though:

The first is just the film’s title; the second adds Trini and Robin’s faces from the poster, side-by-side; the third uses the image from the poster including Tim Curry on Nicky’s badge; and the fourth reproduces almost the entire poster. You can tell they’re American ads, produced fairly early on, since on the second-largest, Tim Curry is given top billing (as he has in the movie) and Robin, although pictured, isn’t mentioned. As we’ve seen, by the time the film had passed through Europe towards the Pacific, Robin had become the first name associated with it.


Negative of newspaper ad for TIMES SQUARE (1980).  Text:  In the heart of Times Square a poor girl be- comes famous, a rich girl beomes courageous and both become friends.  TIMES SQUARE  ROBERT STIGWOOD Presents "TIMES SQUARE" Starring TIM CURRY · TRINI ALVARADO Also Starring PETER COFFIELD · HERBERT BERGHOF · DAVID MARGULIES And Introducing ROBIN JOHNSON AFD™ RSO® Associated Film Distribution R



[ Four Times Square newspaper advertisement negatives
USA : black-and-white negatives : AAT ID: 300128343 : 1.9 x 9.6 cm.; 4.4 x 9.9 cm.; 8.4 x 9.8 cm.; 13 x 9.8 cm. : 1980 (works);

946 x 1080 px, 96 dpi, 425 kb
929 x 1080 px, 96 dpi, 408 kb
167 x 800 px, 96 dpi, 60 kb
352 x 800 px, 96 dpi, 156 kb
682 x 800 px, 96 dpi, 226 kb
1080 x 778 px, 96 dpi, 374 kb
1080 x 769 px, 96 dpi, 380 kb
photos ©2019 Sean Rockoff
Times Square ©1980 StudioCanal/Canal+


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