Films Illustrated Vol. 10 No. 114, March 1981


In the February 1981 Films Illustrated, David Quinlan took a paragraph to give Times Square a three-star review, saying essentially that it’s a decent popcorn movie in spite of its many flaws. In this next issue, Douglas Slater takes three full pages to give Times Square one of its best

Films Illustrated, Vol. 10 No. 113, February 1981


“If the story sounds as though it makes sense, it doesn’t…”     This was dated February but was probably on the stands while Times Square was still in theaters. EMI certainly expected it to be so, judging by the advertisement that appeared on page 162.   It’s almost identical

New Musical Express, 24 January 1981


  “No, this won’t do.”   Monty Smith’s review of Times Square is true to form, giving some light praise to Robin’s and Trini’s performances while tearing the movie itself to shreds. Although he does sometimes go a bit over the top with a particularly English-flavored cooler-than-thou sneering (“a real

Record Mirror, January 24, 1981


“All things vaguely sensible suddenly disappear in a puff of smoke.”     Chris Westwood’s review of Times Square in the January 24, 1981, Record Mirror was sadly typical, finding it an unbelievable melodramatic mess that “tries too many things and pulls none of them off.” He sees some value

photoplay, Vol. 32 No. 1, January 1981


The January 1981 photoplay featured a cover story on, what else, Flash Gordon. It also contained a review of Times Square, attributed only to “M.B.” M.B.’s review is atypical, not in that it likes the movie — spoiler, it doesn’t — but in that it goes out of its way

Playboy, Vol. 28 No. 1, January 1981


“The raggle-taggle queen of the night is Robin…” Bruce Williamson didn’t not like Times Square, but he couldn’t ignore its flaws… still, his review in the January Playboy was generally positive, appreciating the film’s visual evocation of Times Square and, like most other reviewers, Robin’s performance. The two bunny-heads meant

Monthly Film Bulletin, Vol. 47 No. 562, November 1980


Pictures, but not of Robin. What a cheap post.   Robin is mentioned quite a bit though in Gilbert Adair’s surprisingly positive and intellectual review, about which Karen (DefeatedandGifted) has written a much more incisive piece than I could ever hope to. So I suggest you just click that link

Gene Siskel Times Square review, November 19 1980


No pictures this time. Sorry. I’ll make it up to you eventually. Gene Siskel reviewed Times Square on page 6 of Section 3 of the November 19 Chicago Tribune. He gave it two stars, and those two stars were Robin Johnson and Trini Alvarado. No, he didn’t literally say that,

New York Magazine, Vol. 13 No. 43, November 3, 1980


“Trini Alvarado and Robin Johnson, the teenage stars of Times Square, show us their offscreen style.” This article is another of the few things I collected at the time of the movie, since there was (and still is) no official merchandise, and none of the surplus publicity materials had yet

“Crude cliches clutter up ‘Times Square’”


  Mr. Bailey wants to like the movie, he really does, but he just can’t see it appealing to adults, because gosh darn it it just doesn’t make any sense. It may appeal to the Tiger Beat audience though, because as he admits, “it’s still fun.” He also sees the