Times Square movie poster, Australia, February 1981


Photo by Mick Rock of Robin Johnson as Nicky overlaid on a city street collage  Text:  TIMES SQUARE  IS THE MUSIC OF THE STREETS  TIM CURRY  © 1980 Butterfly Valley N.V.  GD FILM DISTRIBUTORS EMI  ROBERT STIGWOOD Presents“TIMES SQUARE” Starring TIM CURRY • TRINI ALVARADO  And Introducing ROBIN JOHNSON  Also Starring PETER COFFIELD • HERBERT BERGHOF • DAVID MARGULIES • ANNA MARIA HORSFORD  Executive Producers KEVIN McCORMICK • JOHN NICOLELLA  Directed by ALAN MOYLE  Produced by ROBERT STIGWOOD and JACOB BRACKMAN  Screenplay by JACOB BRACKMAN  Story by ALAN MOYLE and LEANNE UNGER  Associate Producer BILL OAKES  An EMI-ITC Production  M  Soundtrack available on RSO Records and Tapes  Featuring the Music of Suzi Quatro • The Pretenders • Roxy Music • Gary Numan • Marcy Levy & Robin Gibb  Talking Heads • Joe Jackson • The Ramones • Lou Reed • Patti Smith Group ...  And More!  Robert Burton Printers Pty. Ltd.




The Australian movie poster featured the glorious Mick Rock photo of Robin that graced the earliest piece of Times Square advertising, which is possibly my favorite image used to promote the movie. Once I’d found this I was looking forward to having it framed, but unfortunately not only are the Australian posters printed on a non-glossy lighter paper stock than the rest of the world’s posters, this one’s color registration is way off. It doesn’t show so much in this reduced-size image, but on the full-size poster everything has a prominent green outline. Sorry, Robert Burton Printers, someone was half-assing the job one fateful day in 1981. I guess I’ll have to dig out my copy of the Australian daybill and have that framed. It’s much smaller, but I’m pretty sure the colors are properly aligned.



Would you like to know more?

Screen International No. 246, June 21-28, 1980
Times Square Australian Daybill



Times Square (is the music of the streets)
Australia : one-sheet poster : AAT ID: 300196848 : 40 x 26.75 in. : 1981 (work);
1080 x 7717 px, 96 dpi, 416 kb (image)


©1980 Butterfly Valley, N.V.
Times Square ©1980 StudioCanal/Canal+


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