Mick Rock


On June 1, 2016, Mick Rock did a signing for the “unlimited” edition of his book, The Rise of David Bowie, at Taschen in New York City, and I went. Of course I got an autographed book, but I also took the opportunity to ask him about the photos of

Times Square movie poster, Australia, February 1981


      The Australian movie poster featured the glorious Mick Rock photo of Robin that graced the earliest piece of Times Square advertising, which is possibly my favorite image used to promote the movie. Once I’d found this I was looking forward to having it framed, but unfortunately not

Filmstar, Vol 1 No. 3, Thailand, August 1981


      By August 1981, Robin might already have figured out that neither she nor Andy Gibb were going to get a call telling them when to report to the Grease 2 set. Most of the world had already forgotten about Times Square. But it wasn’t quite over yet.

Times Square Australian Daybill


  According to IMDb, Times Square opened in Australia on February 6, 1981. Robin and her mother went there to continue RSO/EMI’s publicity tour, and I’m pretty sure she made a brief but strong impression on Australian television discussing her discovery and career-to-come. As this was just before the home

Movie 81 No. 2, February 1981


“There’s a hot new talent, Robin Johnson in Robert Stigwood’s Times Square…”   Times Square was still in theaters in London when the February Movie 81 came out in Australia and editor John Fraser made the above announcement.   The two-page spread later in the issue is comprised of “An

Films Illustrated, Vol. 10 No. 113, February 1981


“If the story sounds as though it makes sense, it doesn’t…”     This was dated February but was probably on the stands while Times Square was still in theaters. EMI certainly expected it to be so, judging by the advertisement that appeared on page 162.   It’s almost identical

Screen International No. 246, June 21-28, 1980


This is the fifth appearance Times Square made in the press that I know of. The first was a mention in Radio and Records, the date of which I’m uncertain, but since it describes the movie as coming out in the summer I’m placing it first — possibly even as

Times Square UK Press Kit (post 4 of 4)


Here are the last photos from my copy of the UK Press Kit. They don’t have numbers that would match them up with the enclosed caption sheet, so I have doubts as to whether they were actually a part of it.   This is the Mick Rock photo of Robin

Soundtrack Ad, Melody Maker, November 15, 1980


“AFTER ALL THE MOVIE ALBUMS RELEASED THIS YEAR COMES THE DEFINITIVE ROCK SOUNDTRACK FROM THE FORTHCOMING ROBERT STIGWOOD FILM ‘TIMES SQUARE'”         Even as Times Square was opening and closing in the United States, the mighty RSO promotion machine was hard at work in the United Kingdom,

Film Review, Vol. 30 No. 10, October 1980


“‘I’d sung in a choir when I was 12,’ Robin chirps…”           Assuming that any periodical dated October probably hit the stands in September, here’s a British magazine devoting an entire page to Robin, a month before Times Square’s premiere, and four months before it would