First two pages of a three-page article about TIMES SQUARE (1980). [Text:] TIMES SQUARE EL MUSICAL DE LAS "TEEN-AGERS” «Times Square» es el corazón de Manhattan, la isla donde se asienta parte de la fantástica urbe neoyorkina. También es el nombre del último musical producido por Robert Stigwood, en cuyo currículum profesional hay títulos teatrales como «Hair», «Jesús Christ Superstar», «Pippin», «Oh! Calcuttal», «Evita» y «Sweeney Todd», y cinematográficos como «Jesús Christ Superstar», «Tommy», «Fiebre del sábado noche», «Grease» y «Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band». Toda una garantía a la hora de presentar este último musical «Times Square». Robín Johnson y Trini Alvarado Trini Alvarado Las adolescente en la noche neoyorkina La escapada del hospital psiquótrico Robín Johnson Una oportunidad para ambas de expresarse. [Translation:] TIMES SQUARE THE MUSICAL OF THE "TEENAGERS" "Times Square" is the heart of Manhattan, the island where part of the fantastic New York City sits. It is also the name of the latest musical produced by Robert Stigwood, in whose professional curriculum are theatrical titles such as "Hair", "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Pippin", "Oh! Calcutta!", "Evita" and "Sweeney Todd", and movies such as "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Tommy", "Saturday Night Fever", "Grease" and "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band". A guarantee when presenting this latest musical "Times Square". Robín Johnson and Trini Alvarado Trini Alvarado Teenage girls in New York night The escape from the mental hospital Robin Johnson A chance for both of us to express ourselves.

Fotogramas No. 1650, March 25, 1981


    Two months before Times Square opened in Spain, the film magazine Fotogramas ran the same kind of promotional article we’ve seen in Mexico, Thailand, and Germany. The article contains nothing new, but four of the six stills from the film never appeared anywhere else as far as I