Rolling Stone No. 329, October 30 1980


Sorry to jump back in time a few weeks, but I only just got this one. It’s another full-page movie teaser ad, this one from page 29 of the the October 30 Rolling Stone. It’s the same as the others, only bigger. Well, that and the colors behind the tagline

“Crude cliches clutter up ‘Times Square’”


  Mr. Bailey wants to like the movie, he really does, but he just can’t see it appealing to adults, because gosh darn it it just doesn’t make any sense. It may appeal to the Tiger Beat audience though, because as he admits, “it’s still fun.” He also sees the

Movie ad from the Trenton Times, October 19, 1980


    Well. This was in the local paper Sunday, October 19, and since I wouldn’t have clipped it before I’d seen the movie, Kurt and I must have seen it either opening night or Saturday. I remember we’d been looking forward to the New Tim Curry movie, and I