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To prove it, I’m taking a moment to jump about five years ahead, to Code Name: Foxfire.

This is an 8×10″ black and white publicity still promoting Robin’s short-lived tv series. While there’s not nearly as much Foxfire material around as Times Square, since it was a prime time show on a major network there’s more than from most of her other projects.

It’s dated on the back “1/18/85.” The 2-hour pilot movie was broadcast on January 27, and the series itself debuted February 8 (as it also says on the back). There’s at least one more photo with this same date, and two more dated the next week, and a color shot with nothing on the back. They all seem to have been taken on the same day, judging by the costuming, probably sometime in late 1984.

I don’t think Robin ever wore anything in the show remotely like what she’s wearing here. Her character, Danny O’Toole, was something of a tough street urchin (maybe a bit of typecasting there?), who was shown to be supremely uncomfortable “dressed up.” The show only lasted eight episodes, though; who knows what might have happened had it been renewed.

I don’t know what the handwritten request for “X-ref’s please” means either, but whoever wrote it was also kind enough to leave some big blue fingerprints on the front, which I have, for better or worse, mostly painted out. If you’re desperate to see them I suppose it might be arranged.

Thanks for indulging me. More Times Square stuff coming up.

(With about 30 minutes until this page goes “live,” I just noticed that this is the same picture posted four years ago by Karen at DefeatedandGifted’s “Times Square” Fandom blog, and that she used the same word I did, “uncomfortable,” although in a slightly different context. Also, the person who originally had her copy had a different color pen.)



[Code Name: Foxfire B&W Publicity Still] (A)(SFP #1 & 2) (1/18/85) RSK 13577
8 in (W) x 10 in (H) (work)
1080 px (H) x 850 px (W), 96 dpi, 317 kb (image)


[Code Name: Foxfire B&W Publicity Still] (A)(SFP #1 & 2) (1/18/85) RSK 13577 [back]
8 in (W) x 10 in (H) (work)
1080 px (H) x 859px (W), 96 dpi, 191 kb (image)


Times Square ©1980 StudioCanal/Canal+


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