Rolling Stone No. 329, October 30 1980


TIMES SQUARE movie ad on page 29 of Rolling Stone No. 329, October 30, 1980




Sorry to jump back in time a few weeks, but I only just got this one. It’s another full-page movie teaser ad, this one from page 29 of the the October 30 Rolling Stone. It’s the same as the others, only bigger. Well, that and the colors behind the tagline and the strip at the bottom, which have changed from blue and black, respectively, to green.

Cover of Rolling Stone No. 329, October 30, 1980, featuring The Cars

The Cars were the cover story in this issue. Other films that had full-page ads were Bad Timing and Motel Hell. Bad Timing was also the main topic of an interview with Art Garfunkel, while Paul Simon gave an interview about his movie One Trick Pony.

The big news was the death of John Bonham.

None of which has anything to do with Robin Johnson or Times Square, except maybe as a partial illustration of the world in which the movie was being released, and the 1980 Rolling Stone audience to whom the filmmakers were trying to market it here.


“Times Square” Rolling Stone 30 Oct. 1980: 29. Print.
©1980 Straight Arrow Publishers Inc.
Times Square ©1980 StudioCanal/Canal+


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