Times Square promotional t-shirt, c. October 1980


      Never sold at retail, as far as I can determine, this t-shirt would have been distributed to radio stations and theater owners to be given away as prizes along with free tickets and passes like the buttons were, or perhaps just as gifts for the DJs to

Times Square trailer, U.S. version


“Words cannot express the sheer unbelievability of this …”   I’m nowhere near ready to post this. I wanted to have the best possible picture, and a post that had something a little more weighty to say about it… but it’s the 40th anniversary of Times Square’s general release today,

A face of the 80’s


Most of the Times Square posters have some identifying information on them — a copyright notice, the film’s local distributor, a code number — but not this one, so we have to go on what’s on it. The logo and the artwork are from the UK movie poster, which was

Mick Rock


On June 1, 2016, Mick Rock did a signing for the “unlimited” edition of his book, The Rise of David Bowie, at Taschen in New York City, and I went. Of course I got an autographed book, but I also took the opportunity to ask him about the photos of

tl;dr: Broken image links…?


I don’t think anyone actually reads these, but just in case… As I may have mentioned before, I’ve filled up all the storage space on this account with pictures. Actually, there seems to a periodic fluctuation between being slightly over my allotted quota and being at about 80%; I don’t

Star of Pacific, Thailand, September 1981


Times Square opened in Thailand in August 1981, but here’s a Thai magazine celebrating Robin in September. This was followed by Filmstar Vol. 1 No. 6 that featured a Thai translation of an interview with Robin that had appeared in Seventeen Magazine in October 1980. Did Times Square play in

Robin Johnson, signing autographs, late 1980


    “I’m convinced that if I do this long enough, I’ll have to start laying low in public, to endure the intrusion of strangers asking for autographs. I deeply admire Bette Midler, but I would never dare to ask her for an autograph; I wouldn’t bother her with nonsense

Times Square UK Lobby Cards, 1st Set (post 4 of 4)


The final cards from the first set of UK lobby cards. These are the last of the items I have that were released contemporaneously with Times Square’s original release, so I’m going to take a bit of a break after this before continuing with the rest of Robin’s brief acting

New Times Square digital transfer


Kino Lorber announced yesterday a new 4K digitization of Times Square for release in 2020. Rumors of an impending blu-ray release have abounded for years; this time, I believe it. Coming 2020!Brand New 4K Master! Times Square (1980) Tim Curry, Trini Alvarado & Robin Johnson – Featuring Hit Songs by

Times Square UK Lobby Cards, 1st Set (post 3 of 4)


Cards 9 through 12 from what I believe to be the first of two sets of Times Square lobby cards distributed in the UK in late 1980 or early 1981:     David Pearl watching his daughter practice dance moves at the strip club was reproduced on the first Yugoslavian