WTF 2023


Sometime back in late Spring, Google changed the way they serve images from their cloud service. Since I’ve moved most of the images here to Google’s servers to conserve space, I had to go along with it. It required the updating of a number of things at the local server level… and that completely broke my WordPress theme, and even updating that to the most recent version didn’t help, since that version was still several years old, having been abandoned by its developers… I tried to do what I could to get it working, but to no avail; simply activating the theme caused a fatal error which completely stopped the site from responding and required going into the files and monkeying around to turn off the theme.

So, I spent a few months in my off time trying to find a theme that even remotely resembled my old one. It was a difficult task because all the themes nowadays seemed to be geared towards commerce and not blogging. I finally found one I could live with — the one you’re looking at now — but all my posts are specifically designed to display in my old theme and this one treats images very differently. And so far I can’t find what needs to be done in either the theme or my posts to get them to look… not like they used to, but good.

Meanwhile, new stuff continues to pile up. I thought a long time ago I was going to be able to move on from Times Square and get to the rest of Robin’s career, and then be done with it, but there’s a whole lot of Times Square material I’ve accumulated in just the past few months.

Bear with me… if there’s anyone reading this… I’m not done yet… I hope…

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