Tajms Skver – lobby card poster 2 of 3, Yugoslavia, 1981


1981 Yugoslavian movie poster and lobby cards for TIMES SQUARE (1980)




Another four “lobby cards”, printed together on one poster, having been cut together and reprinted from an earlier series of lobby cards that I didn’t have when I found these. Unlike the first one, I think we’ve seen all these images previously, but, I’ll have more to say about them later. That will make sense then, I promise. Or, I hope.



Here are the individual “cards”, from when I separated them before realizing that they were never intended to be separated.




[Tajms SkverTimes Square lobby card poster, 2 of 3]
poster, AAT ID: 300027221
Yugoslavia ; 46.6 x 34.5 cm. (work)
768 px (H) x 1080 px (W), 96 dpi, 472 kb
769 px (H) x 1080 px (W), 96 dpi, 477 kb
761 px (H) x 1080 px (W), 96 dpi, 510 kb
789 px (H) x 765 px (W), 96 dpi, 467 kb
776 px (H) x 1080 px (W), 96 dpi, 493 kb (images)


Times Square ©1980 StudioCanal/Canal+


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