Tajms Skver – lobby card poster 1 of 3, Yugoslavia, 1981


1981 Yugoslavian lobby card sheet for TIMES SQUARE (1980), 1 of 3

I originally thought that these were uncut sheets of lobby cards intended to be separated into individual items, but after digitally doing exactly that I’ve come to the conclusion that, no, they were intended to be displayed just as they are. First, there’s not enough interior border area to cut them apart evenly, unless you trim them all the way down to the image on all four sides. Second, these sheets are exactly the same size and printed on the same poster paper as the Yugoslavian lobby poster (which itself is made up of two lobby card images), although made to be shown in landscape orientation rather than portrait. And third, shortly after I acquired these I saw a second set of them, also in poster form, so I’m guessing that these Yugoslavian lobby cards were never cut apart.

This is the first time many of these particular images have been published here, but they’re not making their first appearances as Times Square publicity items. It may not be visible in the digitized images but a close examination of the posters shows quite clearly that they’ve been cut together from another set of lobby cards, with the Tajms Skver insets pasted in on top. This is why the overall printing job leaves something to be desired — these are essentially color photocopies of items originally distributed months before… but which so far are the very last Times Square publicity materials I’ve found. I’ll start posting those in a month or two, meanwhile here are the individual images from this lobby card poster, that I’d made before I realized they weren’t meant to be displayed individually.



[Tajms SkverTimes Square lobby card poster, 1 of 3]
poster, AAT ID: 300027221
Yugoslavia ; 46.6 x 34.5 cm. (work)
777 px (H) x 1080 px (W), 96 dpi, 425 kb
758 px (H) x 1080 px (W), 96 dpi, 453 kb
774 px (H) x 1080 px (W), 96 dpi, 510 kb
767 px (H) x 765 px (W), 96 dpi, 460 kb
773 px (H) x 1080 px (W), 96 dpi, 404 kb (images)


Times Square ©1980 StudioCanal/Canal+


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