"Damn Dog" 12-inch single-sided single, Belgium, 1980, RSO 2812 062. Front cover with record label visible. Text: LIMITED EDITION NOT FOR SALE RSO 2812 062 FROM THE MOVIE TIMES SQUARE RSO NOT FOR SALE - PROMOTIONAL COPY (P) 1980 45 RPM SABAM 2812 062 A STEREO The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ¬ęT!MES SQUARE.. DAMN DOG (B. Mernit/J. Brackman) ROBIN JOHNSON Producer Bill Oakes (P) 1980 RSO Records, Inc. ALL RIGHTS OF THE MANUFACTURER AND OF THE OWNER OF THE RECORDED WORK RESERVED UNAUTHORISED PUBLIC PERFORMANCE BROADCASTING AND COPYING OF THIS RECORD PROHIBITED "DAMN DOG" Robin Johnson Motion Picture distributed by Excelsior Films Belgium From the Original Soundtrack on RSO Records & Tapes Distributed by Polygram Records nv/sa Polydor Division

“Damn Dog” 12-inch single


You too might have had perhaps Robin’s only solo release, if you were a DJ… in 1981… in Belgium. The mind boggles at the series of meetings that must have occurred to result in the decision that this was a good idea. A 12-inch single of “Damn Dog”… but not

Times Square Movie Poster, Belgium


  So, after the Belgian publicity, here’s the Belgian movie poster, with text in both Dutch and French. The image is the Cummins painting from the British poster… although the signature is gone, there’s an overall reddish tint to it, and there are lots of tiny differences that certainly make

Joepie, No. 365, March 15, 1981


“Geef mij maar New Wave.” I don’t know when Times Square opened in Belgium and the Netherlands, but the weekly entertainment magazine Joepie (which Google wants to translate for me as “Yay,” but I think is more properly “Whoopie!”), devoted two pages in its March 15, 1981 issue to an