8th Grade Graduation

Posted on 2nd October 2014 in Personal photos
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Robin Johnson 8th Grade Graduation Photo

In 1977, Robin graduated from St. Saviour elementary, and went on to Brooklyn Technical High School.

I know what you’re thinking… you’re thinking, “Wait a minute! There’s something wrong with your math. If she was born in May 1964, shouldn’t she have left 8th grade in 1978?” Yes, except for one thing: when Robin was 7 years old, she was smarter than you, and she skipped the 3rd grade.

So, she went on to Brooklyn Technical High School for a couple years… and then things got interesting.

The original photo was owned by Robin’s paternal grandmother, and is now owned by Robin’s Aunt Justina.

10.73 in (height) x 7.28 in (width) (work); 800 px (H) x 562 px (W), 96 dpi, 222 KB (image)
scanned 19-10-2009; edited 06-05-2011
Inscription on border:
Natoli Art Photo Studio
7524-13th AVENUE
Watermarked along bottom edge, © J. Johnson www.robinjohnson.net (image)


Post edited on 11 March 2015 to correct the date from 1978 to 1977 and add the explanation of the skipped grade, which I had somehow forgotten when I first wrote the post.
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