Record World, Vol. 37 No. 1729, September 13, 1980


Back cover of Record World Vol. 37 No. 1729, September 13, 1980, p. 126.  Text:  JUST RELEASED The Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture TIMES  SQUARE A Robert Stigwood Production A 2-RECORD SET Featuring Music by... SUZI QUATRO, THE PRETENDERS, ROXY MUSIC, GARY NUMAN, MARCY LEVY & ROBIN GIBB, TALKING HEADS, JOE JACKSON, XTC, THE RAMONES, ROBIN JOHNSON & TRINI ALVARADO, THE RUTS, D.L. BYRON, LOU REED, DESMOND CHILD & ROUGE, GARLAND JEFFREYS, THE CURE, PATTI SMITH GROUP, DAVID JOHANSEN RS-4-4203 INCLUDES THE FIRST SINGLE: "Rock Hard" by Suzi Quatro DL-104 RSO Records, Inc. ® ©1980 RSO Records, Inc.










Most of the “new” items that turn up now are variations of things we’ve already seen. This Times Square soundtrack ad is identical to the ones shown here, but unlike those two it’s still attached to the magazine it was published in. It’s page 126, the back cover, of Record World Vol. 37 No. 1729 from September 13, 1980, a recording industry trade publication, which also has an announcement of the soundtrack on the front cover…



… and coverage of the soundtrack’s announcement at 1980’s RSO Convention, featuring an appearance by Suzi Quatro.

The most intriguing thing in the article, however, is this:

A forty-minute video presentation highlighting key scenes and music from the motion picture was shown.

There was a promotional video nearly half the length of the entire film!

This was published a month before the movie’s premiere, and only says the event happened “recently.” The five-and-a-half minute in-store soundtrack promo video contains many brief tantalizing clips of footage not in the movie… who knows what lost footage might have appeared in the RSO Convention promo video!



“Hits of the Week -Albums – “TIMES SQUARE” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).” (article, AAT ID: 300048715)
“‘Times Square,’ ‘Shogun’ Soundtracks Previewed at RSO National Convention” (article, AAT ID: 300048715)
[Just released – the original soundtrack from the motion picture Times Square] (advertisement, AAT ID: 300193993)
Record World, Vol. 37, No. 1729, September 13, 1980, pp. 1, 9, 118, 126 (magazine (periodical), AAT ID: 300215389)
32.4 x 24.3 cm., 126 pp (work);
Record World Vol 37 No 1729 p126_back cover manual 2_1080px.jpg
1080 px (H) x 809 px (W), 96 dpi, 656 kb
Record World Vol 37 No 1729 p1_1080px.jpg
1080 px (H) x 808 px (W), 96 dpi, 217 kb
Record World Vol 37 No 1729 p1_detail_800px.jpg
348 px (H) x 800 px (W), 96 dpi, 401 kb
Record World Vol 37 No 1729 p9_1080px.jpg
1080 px (H) x 796 px (W), 96 dpi, 594 kb
Record World Vol 37 No 1729 p118_1080px.jpg
1080 px (H) x 784 px (W), 96 dpi, 563 kb
Record World Vol 37 No 1729 p9_detail_800px.jpg
800 px (H) x 596 px (W), 96 dpi, 401 kb
Record World Vol 37 No 1729 p118_detail_800px.jpg
800 px (H) x 761 px (W), 96 dpi, 409 kb (images)
Times Square ©1980 StudioCanal/Canal+


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