Films Illustrated, Vol. 10 No. 113, February 1981


“If the story sounds as though it makes sense, it doesn’t…”     This was dated February but was probably on the stands while Times Square was still in theaters. EMI certainly expected it to be so, judging by the advertisement that appeared on page 162.   It’s almost identical

Screen International No. 276, January 24-31, 1981


    The number one film in mid-January 1981 London was, unsurprisingly, Flash Gordon, which had already been open for six weeks to Times Square’s one. Times Square debuted at number seven and was falling fast, but its “tepid” performance hadn’t yet doomed it to closure when this issue of

Record Mirror, January 31, 1981


“‘Oh, I’ve been known to curse in my time…'”   RSO had evidently come to the realization that Robin was the film’s major selling point, so they sent her to England accompanied by her mom to promote Times Square’s opening and herself. The interviews she gave must have occurred even

New Musical Express, 24 January 1981


  “No, this won’t do.”   Monty Smith’s review of Times Square is true to form, giving some light praise to Robin’s and Trini’s performances while tearing the movie itself to shreds. Although he does sometimes go a bit over the top with a particularly English-flavored cooler-than-thou sneering (“a real

Screen International No. 246, June 21-28, 1980


This is the fifth appearance Times Square made in the press that I know of. The first was a mention in Radio and Records, the date of which I’m uncertain, but since it describes the movie as coming out in the summer I’m placing it first — possibly even as

Record Mirror, January 24, 1981


“All things vaguely sensible suddenly disappear in a puff of smoke.”     Chris Westwood’s review of Times Square in the January 24, 1981, Record Mirror was sadly typical, finding it an unbelievable melodramatic mess that “tries too many things and pulls none of them off.” He sees some value

photoplay, Vol. 32 No. 1, January 1981


The January 1981 photoplay featured a cover story on, what else, Flash Gordon. It also contained a review of Times Square, attributed only to “M.B.” M.B.’s review is atypical, not in that it likes the movie — spoiler, it doesn’t — but in that it goes out of its way

Film Review, Vol. 31 No. 1, January 1981


“With an off-beat beauty all her own, and an engaging rasping singing voice, Ms Johnson has enough female virility to fill many films yet, and is already pencilled in for the sequel to Grease.”   There’s no arguing with the fact that in January of 1981, the big movie in

Leader, Winter 1980


Leader was a vehicle by which Columbia-EMI-Warner film distributors promoted all their new films to UK theater owners. As Times Square was set to open in mid-January, it had a few mentions and an advertisement in the Winter edition, although it looks like the distributors were betting their big money

Interview, Vol. X No. 12, December 1980


Here, in the December issue of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, is Robin getting her fifteen minutes. A gorgeous glamor photo by photographer Peter Strongwater, and a stunningly non-realistic description of Times Square’s success… Robin was truly the toast of New York, for at least as long as it took to