Record Mirror, January 24, 1981


“All things vaguely sensible suddenly disappear in a puff of smoke.”     Chris Westwood’s review of Times Square in the January 24, 1981, Record Mirror was sadly typical, finding it an unbelievable melodramatic mess that “tries too many things and pulls none of them off.” He sees some value

Another UK Movie Ad


This is almost identical to the ad from my last post, which appeared a in an unknown film magazine, but it promotes the film’s wide opening “All Over London from Sunday.” The previous ad has the premiere date, Thursday, 15 January, so it must have been published first. Either way,

UK Movie Ad


  This ad promoting the movie’s opening has the same art as the one published previously in the Leader, but with the addition of the theaters it will be in. It’s essentially a black-and-white version of the quad poster, the top half of the painting by Cummins. It appeared in

Times Square U.K. Quad Poster


A standard one-sheet movie poster is 40 inches high by 27 inches wide. A “quad” poster, which I don’t think they make anymore, is 40 inches wide by 30 inches high. EMI took this extra space and zoomed in on the top two-thirds of the painting, cutting it off just

Times Square U.K. Movie Poster


After all the work that went into creating the logo on the cover of the UK Press Kit, and the poster-worthy image that had been used to promote the movie’s production in the 21-28 June, 1980 Screen International, EMI went with this image for the UK movie poster. The painting

Leader, Winter 1980


Leader was a vehicle by which Columbia-EMI-Warner film distributors promoted all their new films to UK theater owners. As Times Square was set to open in mid-January, it had a few mentions and an advertisement in the Winter edition, although it looks like the distributors were betting their big money

Soundtrack Ad, Melody Maker, November 15, 1980


“AFTER ALL THE MOVIE ALBUMS RELEASED THIS YEAR COMES THE DEFINITIVE ROCK SOUNDTRACK FROM THE FORTHCOMING ROBERT STIGWOOD FILM ‘TIMES SQUARE'”         Even as Times Square was opening and closing in the United States, the mighty RSO promotion machine was hard at work in the United Kingdom,

Rolling Stone No. 329, October 30 1980


Sorry to jump back in time a few weeks, but I only just got this one. It’s another full-page movie teaser ad, this one from page 29 of the the October 30 Rolling Stone. It’s the same as the others, only bigger. Well, that and the colors behind the tagline

Movie ad from the Trenton Times, October 19, 1980


    Well. This was in the local paper Sunday, October 19, and since I wouldn’t have clipped it before I’d seen the movie, Kurt and I must have seen it either opening night or Saturday. I remember we’d been looking forward to the New Tim Curry movie, and I

Another Full-Page Times Square Teaser Ad


The same ad as last time, this one appearing on the inside front cover of Circus No. 248, dated October 28, 1980. As the ad is for a movie opening October 17, the magazine must have come out before then. Either that, or it came out bursting with hope as