Where is She Now?

Posted on 4th October 2014 in Personal photos

Robin Relaxing

Well, in November 2011, she was relaxing at home.


And where’s that? And what is she doing when she’s not relaxing?

Welllll… unfortunately, now that I’m “official,” and not trying to uncover a mystery, I’m no longer at liberty to disclose everything I know. And a lot of what I don’t know, I’m no longer entirely comfortable inquiring about. But, rest assured, she’s happy and healthy, overjoyed to be out of the spotlight, and touched and a little mystified that anyone remembers her.

And now that I hope I’ve established that yes, this site exists with her blessing, I’ll move on to the fun stuff.



716 px (W) x 480 px (H), 96 dpi, 234 kb
shot 13-11-2011; edited 15-11-2011
Photo by Justina Johnson
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